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Mangal dosha Astrology is a leading global test and the height of the old science is of Indian Vedic astrology Mars defects are considered defects. Mars is known as a person as well as defects or defects international position and Mars in your birth chart is presented in a negative or malefic influence. It is said in the past people like their counterparts in anguish or suffering Mars is usually to blame. She is under the influence of Mars Mangalik man or negative.

Mangal dosha This marriage is the most important component matching birth defects magazine mars considered at the moment. Mars the first unit of his / her birth chart the second is called the fourth to seventh or eighth or twelfth is not a mangalik located below the houses. Depending on the severity of the defect Mars in the seventh house is in order to reduce the space (maximum) in the first house (small) the eighth of the twelfth house the second house to house in the fourth house (the lowest). Mars is considered responsible for the defect causing the problem.

Mangal dosha remedies Pandit ji

Mangal dosha remedies Pandit ji Accurate and harmonious marriage and Mars errors to open a lasting marriage the way people around the world to the world-famous astrologer Pandit G decorated with a mandatory offer to the experienced the leading of astrology some as low as astrologers or cancel the infamous flaw comprehensive and strict monitoring of the customer's birth chart is. Mangalik inherent characteristics of a person more aggressive and intolerant being impulsive and domineering character.

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