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Reasons for delay in marriage Marriage is one of the sixteen Hindu mention. A wedding day is the most common problems facing Indian society delay. Many reasons can be married delay. Delay is not able to find the right for marriage recognized. Astrology tries to find a solution to this problem is to explain the reasons for the situation with the help of planets in their magazine. The magazine says about marriage late marriage and home loss to seventh on the seventh house of their problem. The following are the most common reasons for a delay in the closing Union of Astrology.

Reasons for delay in marriage So these are the reasons for delay in many marriages. Planet are very important as far as marriage is concerned Venus and Jupiter. Teacher plays an important role in predicting the time of the marriage the planet. Venus delay increases the chances of a weak marriage marriage is not only well-placed Venus but it also provides a happy marriage. Astrology is not only clear but the reasons for the delay of marriage to a solution. Late marriage astrology journal solution revolves around a strong seventh house. After the birth chart to determine the exact cause of the delay in marriage we need to find a solution to solve this problem.

Reasons for delay in love marriage Pandit ji

Reasons for delay in love marriage Pandit ji The marriage of the late seventh astrological remedies that can strengthen the magazine is put on the right stone. Astrology also is very useful for meditation and treatment as suggested by poojas which is well-known for their service well-known astrologer Pandit Durga reading can give an effective solution to the problem. However it is highly recommended to choose a good astrologer to guide them after who measures a wrong decision and they do not have the ability to safeguard measures. We should avoid measures such as you. Each tract is different and will help in their magazine that measures should be accompanied by the people. It is always a good idea to consult an astrologer before the wedding.

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